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Machine Learning - Data Scientist Track

Posted 15 Dec 2018

AWS Training

If you haven’t already found it, you should try out the AWS Training site. In particular, there’s a great Data Scientist’s track.

Data Scientist Track

If nothing else, for rusty mathematicians like me, the ‘Maths for Machine Learning’ course is great. A really good refresher on probability theory and great overview of univariate and multivariate calculus … essential for understanding what’s going on with gradient descent.

Also this track includes a really good summary explanation of stochastic gradient descent and the fundamentals of linear and logistic regression.

Once you’ve finished the grounding courses (not too onerous - you should complete them in a couple of weekends) then learning to program a chatbot is pretty cool. It’s an eye-opener as to how evolved speech recognition and speech synthesis has become.

I jumped over the guided lab-session and instead built a chatbot integrated with the Amazon Connect call centre service … very geeky and cool - I’ll post more details about this later.