Using shortcuts

Posted 01 Aug 2017

Standing on the shoulders of giants

So now you’ve completed Andrew Ng’s machine learning and you understand how to build neural networks from scratch.

Now it’s time to benefit from the efforts of others and use some abstraction layers to shortcut some of the heavy lifting. Enter TFLearn - using this library you can build your first neural network in a matter of minutes … or however long it takes you to work out all the Python and Tensorflow dependencies!

I built my first neural network using TFLearn with the Titanic example they have in the quickstart tutorial: TFLearn Quickstart


Once you’ve trained the model then you’ll be able to predict whether Kate Winslett and Leonardo DiCaprio are likely to survive - based on their steerage and class.

Jupyter Notebook

Extract from Jupyter Notebook

Spoiler Alert

DiCaprio doesn’t make it!