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Augmented Reality Tracing App

Convert a photograph from your library into an outline then project onto paper using Augmented Reality then trace the outline.

Try before you buy

Use the demo image outline to test out Augmented Reality tracing and see if it works for you.
If you like it, then unlock access to your own photo collection through the In-App purchase.

Outline Tuning

Your photo is converted into an outline and you can tune the image filter to give you the best outline for your photo.
An image with good detail and contrasting background works best.

Image Anchor

Augmented Reality needs a reference point to 'anchor' to.  TraceAR allows you to select your own anchor image to give the best chance of a stable image.

Getting a stable tracking experience

For the best Augmented Reality tracking, create an anchor with good detail that contrasts the paper. Try using a ruler or a passport photo resting at the top of the page - this gives the Augmented Reality sensor a good reference to track.
Make sure you take the anchor photo parallel to the paper - so that the image is not skewed.